Provider, family working together to secure nursing care for Greeneville woman

GREENEVILLE, TN (WJHL) – A Greeneville woman, approved for federally-funded nursing care, is still waiting for that help to arrive, but her mother and provider are pledging to work together.

We introduced you to 34-year-old Ashley Brookshire Monday. She is bed-ridden and relies on state-contracted services through the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Jenny Kimbrough told us her daughter’s only received nursing care for four-and-a-half shifts over the last two months, even though she’s approved for care every night. She blamed the state and said she’s not willing to accept substandard care.

The state suggested Brookshire’s family is part of the reason it’s so difficult to secure care. A TennCare spokesperson said the local provider has contacted almost 20 agencies, hoping to find nurses willing to work with the family.

In an email sent to the family Tuesday, the local provider said the agency is working to find staff for this weekend and trying to come up with ideas to recruit nurses.

“We are working on staffing for Ashley this weekend,” D&S Community Services Executive Director Lorie Copas said in an email provided to us by Kimbrough. “We are always trying to locate a nurse for coverage. All of the temp agencies have called me back, and they are not doing temp LPN services. I have been working with corporate on ideas to recruit nurses, and I’m waiting on some answers back from them. I agree that we need to work together to support Ashley.”

D&S previously declined comment for our story, due to privacy concerns.

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