Blue Cross/Blue Shield opens new regional office in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, TN – (WJHL-TV) – There was a grand opening of a new facility along the Med-Tech Parkway in Johnson City.

Officials from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee cut the ribbon this morning on the company’s new regional office. This new facility replaces the old offices that were cramped and sat off of the road and out of sight.

“We were very intentional about making this a visible commitment to the community. We’ve had an office in Johnson City for a number of years, but it was sort of off the road, you couldn’t really see it. So we really wanted to pick a location that people could see it and hopefully use our building from time to time,”, Chief Operating Officer Scott Pierce said, “We’ve got some great customers here, some awesome employees and we’re just really proud to have this and show we’re committed to this community.”

The office will serve nearly 100 onsite and telecommuting Johnson City-area employees. It also features a 100-seat community room that can be reserved for external events.

Pierce added, “We’ve got a variety of employees, we’ve got some nurse who are out in the community every day trying to help serve our members, we’ve got some of our sales staff who interact with our brokers and our employers, and, really, it’s also meant for the community. We put a large community room in this facility that’s meant to be open for community meetings, etc.”

In keeping with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee’s commitment to sustainability, the new Johnson City facility was built to save 42 percent more energy than traditional office buildings.

“I think we’re very proud of the way the building looks, we put a lot of thought in to the environmental impact of the site, how much energy it would use, etc. And we tried to make it look and feel like it was part of the natural environment.”, Pierce said.

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