Kingsport boy’s dream of becoming firefighter turned into worldwide day of giving

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – A local boy’s dream of one day becoming a firefighter has turned into a worldwide day of giving.

Three years ago, the Keeton family lost their seven-year-old son Weston. His family now celebrates the day they call his “angel-versary” by giving back to the men and women Weston admired.

“It fills my heart with such love, not only because we’re doing something he would have wanted but to really give back to people that put their lives on the line every day,” said Weston’s mother Julie Keeton.

After a long battle with his heart and lungs, Weston passed away on March 23rd, 2014. Rather than spend the day mourning, Weston’s family chooses to use the anniversary of his death as a day of celebration by asking communities to take food and snacks to their local fire department.

“Something like this just kind of brightens up their day and helps them remember that every day they make an impression on kids everywhere,” said Barry Brickey with the Kingsport Fire Department.

It has become an annual event called Feed the Fire. Julie Keeton said the idea has spread like wildfire.

“Our main spots are Philadelphia, Hawaii, New Zealand, California, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and then we had several from Seattle,” Keeton said. “He liked to go big, if he was going to do something it was going to be all out, so I think this is his way of telling us that we’re doing the right thing.”

Now through his mom, dad, and seven brothers and sisters, the little boy that loved to make people smile continues to have a big impact.

Weston’s mother said the movement to give back in Weston’s honor has spread to nearly 250 fire stations around the world — helping thousands of firefighters.

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