What’s Working: Jonesborough Elementary School family literacy night

JONESBOROUGH, TN (WJHL) – Jonesborough Elementary was transformed into “Camp Read A lot”  for Family Literacy Night.

“We’ve really pushed this year to have our families read 20-minute a night with our children and tonight is a workshop night for parents to come and get some ideas for literacy and reading activities they can do at home,” said Principal Matthew Combs.

Francesca Ruble along with her husband and twin daughters that took part in the 2-hour celebration of reading.

“We can learn how to motivate our children and figure out ways where they love reading,” said Ruble.

The Ruble’s were among more than 200 families that took advantage of family literacy night.

Five different classrooms turned into literacy playgrounds with games and activities created to get students excited about reading

“We don’t see ourselves as the sole educators. We’ve got to have that partnership with families,”

More than 30 teachers and administrators spent the extra hours not only helping young students, but also getting to know the families.

“It’s a way for teachers to really get to know the kids and get to know their families and get to know their personal lives,” said Combs.

And helping families like the Ruble’s leave “Camp Read A lot” even more excited about reading than before,

“We’re happy that the teachers and staff are so hands on,” Said Ruble.


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