Rezoning, moving staff are options in 2020 Kingsport City Schools consolidation

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – News Channel 11 is learning more about what will happen when schools consolidate in Sullivan County and Kingsport City in 2020.

Kimberly Ball is the mother of two girls. One is currently in middle school, the other will soon be starting kindergarten.

When she learned about changes coming to Kingsport City Schools, she had her concerns.

“The commute, and especially if you have more than one child in school then that’s a lot of running,” Ball said.

As we’ve told you in the past, in 2020, the buildings currently used as Sullivan North High School and Robinson Middle School would operate as two middle schools.

Then Jackson Elementary School would shift into Sevier Middle School’s building.

“We’re on kind of the front end of the process when it comes to beginning to look at how zoning will look when the new school configuration takes place,” said Assistant Superintendent, Andy True.

True said currently, Robinson has about 100 more students than John Sevier. But when the move happens, that could flip-flop, which could impact where teachers work.

“There may need to be some staffing adjustment just based on those numbers,” True said.

School leaders are still early in the process, but True said teachers may be able to have the option of which school they want to work.

“We’re far enough out right now where we’re just starting to kind of begin to have those discussions. Groups are meeting to start looking at zoning, talking about decisions that need to be made. That work is going to be ongoing as we move forward, but it has already started,” True explained.

There’s still a lot of details to work out, but True said he hopes to keep the community and staff informed every step of the way.

“Thinking through that proactively and giving our community and our staff enough time to be able to understand in plenty of advance notice of what those decisions may be,” he said.

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