North Carolina doctor creates rap video to teach senior citizens about safe sex

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WATE) – When people say they are teaching seniors about safe sex, most people typically think about seniors in high school, not senior citizens.

A doctor in Asheville created a parody rap video to the tune of “Ice Ice Baby” to teach senior citizens about safe sex. Dr. Shannon Dowler says she is seeing an increased rate of sexually transmitted diseases in that age group.

“Safe sex baby, safe sex baby, oh, wait, stop. Collaborate and listen, RapDktaD’s intention, calling out all you fellas and ladies, STD’s are tearing through folks in their 80s.”

“It’s tough, to tell a 72-year-old that they’re having their first herpes outbreak,” Dr. Dowler told WLOS. “If they’ve lost their partner, they’re suddenly developing a new relationship, and there’s a whole slew of STD’s they’ve never heard about.”

Dr. Dowler said she hopes to use humor to bring awareness to a major public health concern. Statistics show the rate of sexually transmitted disease among senior citizens has almost doubled over the past 10 years.

Dr. Downler said whatever the age, the message is the same: “safe sex baby.”

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