Kingsport leader gives timeline for new animal shelter

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – Last night, the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to donate a piece of property on East Stone Drive to use for a new consolidated animal shelter in Kingsport.

On Wednesday, we spoke with the shelter’s leader about what last night’s vote — to donate one of three lots to serve as the foundation for a new shelter — means for the future of the new facility.

“We now have skin in the game, a ticket to the show, if you will,” Kingsport Alderman Tom Parham said.

Last month, the Sullivan County Commission approved funding for a second lot.

“The third piece of property is going to be committed and approved and funded by the City of Bristol, and a small amount of reserves from SBK, or from Petworks,” Parham said.

Parham said the project is moving forward, as they are expected to close on all three lots a week from Thursday.

“We’re starting with very serious engineering, and planning and fundraising,” Parham said.

As for the current Kingsport and Blountville shelter locations, Parham said, “we’re currently leasing those two pieces of property — one from the city of Kingsport and the other from Sullivan County — so those will just revert back to them. One thing we’re thinking about or considering is keeping a small part of one of them for an emergency shelter.”

Parham said with the new shelter at an attractive and convenient location in the community, he believes there will be more adoptions and the need to euthanize will decrease.

He estimates the total cost of the project will be between $3 million and $3.5 million, and said they hope to break ground in the fall.

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