‘We Care’ group voices concerns over Trump’s proposed healthcare act

GATE CITY, VA (WJHL) – On Thursday, a group named “We Care” came together at Congressman Morgan Griffith’s office in Gate City with concerns they have over the new healthcare act proposed by President Donald Trump.

The group met with Griffith’s staff member Ambler Dumler and presented written statements they had collected with concerns about the new act.

“I think we have shown that there are really serious concerns that people are thinking through and researching,” group member Melody Reeves said. “We are asking legitimate questions about those concerns and we would like to hear his response.”

Some of those concerns included pre-existing conditions, Medicaid and Medicare, prescription drug cost, and co-pays and deductibles.

Griffith, who is the vice chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, voted yes on the act when it was presented to the committee.

The group said they hope after presenting these concerns to Griffith he will meet with his constituents at a town hall to address them.

“It would be, I think, to the benefit of everyone to learn about how to make this situation better together,” Reeves said.

Dumler said she would pass the concerns along to the Congressman.

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