ETSU faculty, staff ordered to search email after request by Dr. Champouillon

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – While an East Tennessee State University committee decides whether to recommend termination for a longtime tenured music professor, Dr. David Champouillon’s attorney wants copies of every email sent or received by ETSU faculty or staff over the last year that contains the words “erection” or “erections.”

The university notified employees today of the attorney’s public records request and directed faculty and staff to search their email history for any relevant emails and turn them over by March 8, according to the email.

“ETSU is in possession of an open records request submitted by attorney James D. Culp on behalf of his client, Dr. David Champouillon, requesting all emails sent by ETSU faculty and staff that contain the words “erection” or “erections” between the time frame of Feb. 13, 2016 – Feb, 13, 2017,” the email said.

The request follows an internal investigation that found Dr. Champouillon sexually harassed two faculty members and behaved inappropriately in front of faculty and students.

Just last week, a committee held a two-day hearing to determine if an adequate case for termination exists. The committee has not yet released its recommendation.

ETSU’s president will consider the committee’s report before making his final decision.

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