Elizabethton computer repairman hasn’t returned customer’s tablet; Reports show concerns

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) – For months, an Elizabethton woman said she has been trying to get her tablet back from a computer repair shop, but hasn’t had any luck.

News Channel 11 learned several customers filed police complaints against the owner of Computer & Cell Phone Repair (CCPR) in Elizabethton.

Lynne Bryant adores her family including her cat, Katie. Pictures of her children and grandchildren line the wall of her home, but missing from the bunch are photos of her great-grandchildren.

Those memories, she said, are in a tablet she hasn’t seen in half a year after her daughter dropped it off at Computer & Cell Phone Repair located on Broad Street in Elizabethton.

“We had had some dealings with them before, so I told her to take it over there,” Bryant said.

A few weeks later she had her daughter return to the shop to check on the progress.

“She went over by there and she come back by here and she said mommy you are not going to believe this, they are gone,” Bryant said.

We stopped by the listed address for the business at 104 Broad St. in Elizabethton and found the place closed. The inside was empty, but a sign was still hanging on the back side of the building. We called several times but never got an answer.

Bryant says she got a call back after leaving a message.

“She said that they had been experiencing a lot of difficulty and everything and they had to move, but that they would be getting back to us by the first of December,” she said.

Bryant said the first of December came and went without a word from anyone at the shop or its owner, Jason Summerlin.

“I would like to see something done to them because they have literally stolen it,” Bryant said.

We took Bryant’s concerns to the Elizabethton Police Department and uncovered half a dozen police reports against Summerlin.

Those reports document roughly $5,000 of electronics from cellphones to computers were dropped off by customers and some have still not been returned by Summerlin.

EPD’s Capt. Joy Shoun said for the time being these cases are being considered civil matters.

“It is not a criminal investigation at this point and time, we do not have a criminal case or any type of criminal charges against the individual or the business along those lines,” Shoun said.

Summerlin initially agreed to do an interview with News Channel 11 at the new location of his business on Elk Avenue in Elizabethton, but he changed his mind and said he would contact us the next day.

We have not heard from him since last week.

Shoun said, “We are aware of some customers who are still in the process of trying to get that property back and individuals that we are in communications with have been instructed that if that doesn’t take place that they have an option to try and seek some sort of civil case.”

Bryant said fixed or not she simply wants her tablet returned.

“A lot of people may say its just an iPad, but to me its got a lot of my memories on it,” she said.

Memories that she says can’t be replaced.

We spoke with Summerlin specifically about Bryant’s tablet, he said as of last Saturday it had not been repaired.

Police reports show at least one complaint against Summerlin was resolved.

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