‘She’s …back to being a little girl’: Tri-Cities girl enjoys blonde hair, time off chemo

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – A Tri-Cities family is enjoying every minute they have with their six year old while she is finally off of chemotherapy treatments.

We talked with the King family back in August of 2015 as they begin cancer treatments for their daughter Madison.

At just four years old Madison King and her family found out she had cancer at Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City. Within weeks she was getting treatment there.

When we first met Madison just a few months later, you couldn’t stop her from dancing. With her bubbly personality and sweet smile, her shaved head was the only outward sign she was going through chemotherapy.

Now after enduring chemo, this six-year-old girl is still dancing. Madison’s blonde hair has grown back and her treatment is done.

“She’s full of energy, she’s finally gotten back to being a little girl which is something that we didn’t really know if we would get to see again and it was really scary. But she is she’s primping, she’s doing her hair, which is something she didn’t have when she started treatment, and she’s just able to be a kid,” Madison’s Mom Laura King said.

King said her story has reached across the country and the world.

“She’s had people all the way from the Philippines, missionaries that have just been impacted by her story and she’s inspired so many people,” King said.

But her story isn’t wrapped up in a happy ending.

“We don’t really know when the tumors are going to grow, if they’re going to grow, if more are going to come up, I mean with the disorder that she has for the rest of her life she kind of has to battle the tumors,” King said.

But still King said she is thankful Madison can now dance in the lobby of the same hospital where she got her cancer diagnosis.

“She’s not terrified of doctors and nurses like she used to be, she’s not running and hiding under the bed and in corners, I mean she’ll sit there and she’ll even tell the doctors ‘hey you need to do this,’” King said.

She said she is thankful for the sweet time she’s been given with her little girl, Madison Faith King, and all the life she brings with her.

“I really do believe that if it hadn’t been for the Lord she wouldn’t we wouldn’t be where we are today,” King said.

She said without Niswonger Children’s Hospital they would have had to uproot their life and move two years ago.

Madison’s story will be featured at the Niswonger Radiothon Monday and Tuesday. The radiothon raises money for the nonprofit hospital each year.

If you would like to donate, the radiothon runs from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. both days.

You can listen in on one of the Holston Valley Broadcasting radio stations or donate  by logging on to www.niswongerchildrensradiothon.com.

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