Giraffe Watch: Animal park continues to await arrival of baby giraffe

A very pregnant April the giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. (WIVT/WBGH)

HARPURSVILLE, NY (WCMH) – A New York petting zoo is sharing the joy as they are expecting a baby giraffe to be born.

The Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York is live-streaming as their 15-year-old giraffe, April and her mate, Oliver welcome their baby.

Jordan Patch, the owner of the park told Spectrum News that April is in the last stage of her pregnancy. Giraffes have a 15-month gestation period, and April’s tentative due date was mid-February, Patch said. But active labor could still be days away.

“Giraffes hide their signs as a natural instinct, that is why until we see hooves we will not announce active labor,” Patch told NBC4. “Process can take a few hours or a day or so — once hooves appear it will be 60 minutes before it’s out and on the ground.”

As of Saturday, February 25, the baby had not been born yet.

“The vet was In around dinner time this evening and reports milk has filled the utter and at least one wax cap has been removed and produced milk droplets during examination. The back end shows an increase in swell and visible color change,” the park announced on its Facebook page.

When the baby is born it will likely stand around six feet tall and weigh around 150 pounds.


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