Class Action Lawsuits: Could you be losing money?

(Photo: WKRN)

(WJHL) -You may receive a letter, an email in your inbox, or you may even see a commercial saying you could be entitled to money. Sound familiar? These notices could be easily ignored, but they could also be giving you information that money you are owed could be going unclaimed.

Alyssa Self, a mom to 3 year-old Hudson, says keeping to a routine is vital, and part of that routine is sticking with well known brands, like Johnson & Johnson’s line of bedtime bath products.

What Self did not know is that the same Johnson & Johnson products she buys and uses is part of a class action lawsuit.

According to class-action-rebates-dot-com, Johnson & Johnson is the defendant in a lawsuit for claiming the company’s bedtime bath products would help children sleep better. The plaintiffs say those claims are false, and in this case, Johnson & Johnson agreed to settle the class action lawsuit with a five million dollar settlement pool.

Self says she was shocked to hear there was a class action lawsuit against one of her favorite products, and even though she qualifies for the payout she’s choosing not to take any action. “If it wasn’t harming my child in any way I wouldn’t feel the need to pursue a lawsuit in any sort,” explaining her decision.

The Johnson & Johnson Bedtime product lawsuit is just one example of the many of class action lawsuits going through the court system. So how do you find out if you are eligible for money owed?

Attorney with Hunter, Smith, & Davis, Steve Darden explains notices are sent out to try and reach those affected, “a letter in the mail, a notice on the website, an email, or a postcard in the mail”.

Darden says the next step is up to the consumer on if they want to respond to the notice. If not, the money in the settlement goes unclaimed.

“There may very well be money left on the table and if it’s significant then that’s a matter for the court to revisit,” says Darden.

Some reasons money is left on the table is because some people find that it’s too much hassle for a small amount of cash or even just a coupon.

To check if you could be part of a class action lawsuit, you can check the following online resources:

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