Volunteer H.S. basketball manager dresses out for game, makes memorable shot

CHURCH HILL, TN (WJHL) – Volunteer High School Senior, Tanner Cox, is now a viral sensation after making a memorable basketball shot last week.

Tanner’s dad, Bucky Cox, says he has loved basketball his entire life.

“He’s always loved it more than anything,” Cox said.

Tanner is a senior at Volunteer and is the manager for the basketball team.

“He’s been our video guy for us the last couple of years. He goes everywhere we go,” said Head Coach Greg Barnett.

But Athletic Director, Jim Whalen, said there was one thing keeping Tanner from playing for the Falcons.

“Tanner’s got scoliosis and his back looked like, his mom and dad will say, his back looked like a weird “s” it was just crazy. And about the end of Tanner’s freshmen year, his sophomore year, he had to have surgery,” Whalen said. “Really, that was probably about the end of his athletic career.”

But on senior night against David Crockett High School last Friday that all changed.

“Coach Barnett comes to me and says he’s going to dress Tanner,” Whalen explained.

Tanner knew going in that he wasn’t guaranteed a chance to play.

“Coach looks at the bench and he’s getting ready to put another senior in, Taylor Barrett, and Taylor says ‘no put Tanner in’. So Tanner goes into the game with about a minute and that’s when the excitement starts,” Whalen said.

Tanner explained what happened, “the last minute of the fourth. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go in. But they called my name which I was like, it’s just going to be another shot.”

“It goes out of bounds. And Crockett then has the ball in bounding it, then they realize what’s going on and their player inbounds it to Tanner,” Whalen said.

After some teamwork from the Falcons and the Pioneers, Tanner hits the shot right before the buzzer.

“Nothing but net,” Whalen said. “And you can just see the officials and his teammates just running out after him”.

David Crockett Head Coach, John Good, said Tanner even had the other team pulling for him.

“Every shot I was just praying that it would go in and appropriately it went in at the buzzer,” Good said.

Cole Ricker is a senior at Crockett. He recalled the moment Tanner got the three-point shot.

“It just filled everyone’s heart. Even in the locker room everyone was like that was awesome. Yeah we might have won, but we weren’t even thinking about winning we were thinking about how happy we made Tanner out there,” Ricker said.

“When I seen when Crockett did have the ball and they threw the ball back to him and everything. That really meant a lot to me,” Bucky Cox said.

Tanner said it’s a moment he’ll remember for the rest of his life. “The last shot where I made it and the whole team came out and hugged me and everything.”

The video has now been viewed more than 100,000 times on social media.

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