Family keeps blog of experiences after Sevier County Wildfires

GATLINBURG (WATE) — “Driving into Gatlinburg was like nothing I have ever seen, except maybe in the movies. The destruction is indescribable.”

Those are the words Shana Gaff wrote on her blog after she and her family saw their home in ashes for the first time after escaping the wildfires.

“When we left, we were obviously expecting to come back to a house so we didn’t take near what we should have but we took one outfit apiece and headed out,” said Brett Gaff.

Two months later the family is determined to rebuild as soon as possible.

“We’ve got the blueprints finalized,” said Brett. “We’re waiting on a final contract from the builder. We actually got our foundation approved by a structural engineer so we can reuse our same foundation. We’re to the point where we need to get the building permit and we’re hoping to apply for that next week.”

The couple who moved to Gatlinburg in July 2016 is sharing this journey to rebuild with family and friends.

“I had originally started my blog when we moved down here,” said Shana. “All of our family is in Indiana. We wanted to keep them up to date with what we were doing and remodeling our house so it only felt natural to share our story with them.”

The family of five is also hoping their story will encourage others.

“There’s probably people that aren’t as blessed as what we have been,” said Brett. “We continue to pray for them and hope they are able to find those blessings as well.”

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