Cemetery owner to pay restitution, be set free as part of plea agreement

HAWKINS COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – The owner of Hawkins County Memorial Gardens has accepted a plea agreement in connection to her theft, money laundering and forgery case, according to a letter from the district attorney sent to Ringley’s alleged victims.

An alleged victim provided a copy of the letter to News Channel 11 today.

According to the February 8 letter from DA Dan Armstrong, Ringley will be released from jail on February 28 and will be required to relinquish all of her rights to the cemetery, permanently forfeit her cemetery operating license and be required to pay $500 a month in restitution beginning in April as part of a plea agreement that’s been in the works since July.

Prosecutors previously told us after our Community Watchdog investigation into Ringley and her Hawkins County cemetery, hundreds of people came forward with complaints against her. Those customers accused Ringley of bad business practices that left families with unfulfilled contracts.

Law enforcement arrested Ringley in February 2015.

Ringley has a plea hearing scheduled for Friday at 1:00 pm, according to the Hawkins County Circuit Clerk’s office.

“The Defendant’s charges of Theft over $60,000, Money Laundering, Forgery, and Failure to Follow Cemetery Regulations will be disposed of by the Court without a trial but by guilty plea or otherwise on February 17, 2017 at 1:00 pm,” the letter said.

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