Children fighting cancer suprised with trip to Walt Disney World

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – When students gathered on Friday for their Valentines Day party in their Bristol Motor Speedway classroom with the Children Exceeding Expectations program, they had no idea what was in store for them.

After dancing the day away with characters from Star Wars and getting to play doctor to Princess Leia, the kids sat down at their table to exchange valentines.

What happened next is something the 10 students attending the program will never forget.

Cast members revealed signs that told the children they will be going to Disney World along with their family and siblings.

The Disney World trip was paid for by donations to the program.

Children Exceeding Expectations is an alternative to school for kids who have cancer and immune deficiency disorders in our region.

Director Haley Dietrich said this is the sixth year the group has done this and that it is very fulfilling to put a smile on the kid’s face.

“We receive more out of giving this trip probably more than they do,” Dietrich said. “But every day that’s what it’s about is giving back to these families.”

Stephanie Parker of Rural Retreat, VA, mother of Abigail, a student of the class that was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, said she is grateful that her child will get to have fun instead of worrying about doctors and treatments.

Parker added, “Without this school she would have no interaction with other kids. So, it’s great for her to have other kids going through what she is going through.”

The children and their families will leave for Disney World on Wednesday, Feb. 15 for a five-day stay at the theme park.

Donations can me made at Bristol Motor Speedways main office or at the Junior League of Kingsport.

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