Bristol, TN police launch new crime mapping system

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL)  – The Bristol Tennessee Police Department has launched a new crime mapping system. Officers said the goal is to reduce crime in the area.

The system allows citizens to go to the website where they can type in an address or a city. Then users can scroll through the map to see crimes reported in that area. Users can also select a specific date range, as well as categorize by different types of crimes.

“It’s a very easy, interactive tool that (people) can move around the city and see different things not just in their neighborhoods, but in neighborhoods around the city,” Major Matt Austin, with the Bristol Tennessee Police Department, said.

Eric Spicer has been a resident in Bristol, TN his entire life. He said that recently there has been a large amount of crime in his neighborhood.
Spicer said he believes that the new system will benefit his neighborhood.

“Situational awareness is key, in any venue. And in this regard, a crime website would keep residents more situationally aware of the issue around them, thus making the residents and the neighborhood a much safer place to reside,” Spicer said.

Officers said they will also be utilizing the crime mapping system. It will be used as a tool to target crime by allowing them to see where and when crimes are occurring.

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