People filled Founders Park with one common goal, equal rights for all

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) People took to the steps of Founders Park, where they advocated for women’s rights on Saturday. It began with multiple speeches and ended with people marching the streets of downtown Johnson City.

Silas Cimino-Hurt attended the march in Johnson City, he also attended a women’s march in Knoxville last week.

“We’re all equal, so if they’re not getting treated the same, that isn’t right,”  Cimino-Hurt said.

Cimino-Hurt said that he wants to help raise awareness of women’s rights.

“If everyone stands up all around the country, then it might make a difference,” he said.

Equal rights for women was not the only thing people were advocating for, many signs spoke for equal rights for all.

The event was also a place for people, like Cheryl Kennedy, to voice their concerns about their right to freedom of speech.

“We’re going back to a time when we’re losing our rights, we’re going to be losing our freedom of speech,” Kennedy said.

The women’s march in Johnson City was Kennedy’s first march. “I’m just trying to find my voice,” she explained.

The event was put on by 14-year-old Hannah Phillips, who is a student at Dobyns-Bennett High School. She said that she is passionate about the movement for equal rights, which led to her deciding to organize a march.

Phillips posted the event on Facebook and said that it took off from there.

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