‘It sounded like a bomb’; Hampton homeowner worried about road after deputy crash

HAMPTON, TN (WJHL) – State troopers say the spot where a Carter County deputy crashed on Monday is a known trouble spot on the road, Hampton residents feel the same way.

Carter County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tonya Range was taken to the hospital after her car hydroplaned off Highway 19E on a slick road.

Lt Richard Garrison with THP says when he was a sergeant in Carter County there were several crashes at this exact spot on Highway 19E.

Hampton residents who live near the trouble spot don’t want to see this kind of crash happen again.

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The memory of Monday night’s crash is all too real for David Hicks, Deputy’s Range’s car crashed into his side yard.

“It sounded like a bomb going off,” Hicks said.

Hicks says the “bomb” like sound is familiar.

“I knew what it was when I first heard it,” Hicks said.

Broken glass, a damaged stop sign and debris remind Hicks that over 10 years this has become a common occurrence.

He says he’s seen multiple cars skid off the road in rainy weather, standing water may be to blame.

“That’s the problem that’s causing the wreck, water puddles come up and when they hit the water they just start sliding,” Hicks said.

501f21c505834b2a85ed5010d2b4061fHe’s even put up an 8,000 pound concrete wall to protect his home.

Linda Bass lives across the street and was also startled by the crash. Bass described seeing the deputy’s car slide off the embankment.

“I came out and I saw the car go off,” Bass said.

Bass says it’s a common occurrence during rainy weather. She’s reached out to TDOT asking for a guardrail or a caution sign but nothing was done.

“The state should do something about this before there is someone killed,” Bass said.

Although these neighbors are hopeful for change, Hicks doesn’t lose sleep over it.

“I don’t worry about it, I’ve been here a long time,” Hicks said.

News Channel 11 also reached out to TDOT for more information.

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