NASCAR drivers discuss how new points system will affect racing at Bristol

CHARLOTTE,NC —  NASCAR announced its new point system on Monday, rewarding drivers for in-season performance to try and add new challenges, importance and excitement to every race on the schedule…and drivers on Tuesday have been quite receptive to the new format”

“If you’re leading the race and a caution comes out in the middle of the race, why not be rewarded for it is the way I see it. Some people look at it as it being complicated. I really see it as two cautions throughout the race that rewarded points and you go on and try to win the race like you always did.”

“The way our season went I think I get even more pumped up about it. I’m not sure how many segments we would have won last year, but it was a ton.”

Crews will have to spend much more time building strategies each week as they battle for stage points. That will be a big focus at Bristol, a smaller track where battling for top track position is crucial.

“Bristol’s not a track that’s too hard on tires. You’re going to be staying out and especially trying to pick up that stage win if you’re position to do it.”

“A small track like Bristol it’s really going to be a track position game. Bristol, you can sit out there on old tires an maintain pace pretty well.”

Johnson is coming off his record tying 7th NASCAR championship, but says he has not gotten complacent in his success and wants to keep pushing for that record setting eighth title.

“It sucks to be a driver in the era against Jimmie because he’s the one taking all of our opportunities. But yet, it’s also kind of cool because you know you’re getting beat by a guy who’s done a really, really good job.”


“I’m a fan that kind of likes a dynasty and to watch that. It’s amazing what they’ve been able to do because it’s been through all those different formats, all the different cars and rule changes.”

“Day three of the NASCAR Media Tour will bring about the biggest fan favorite, Dale Earnhardt jr, as he looks to get back into the car after missing most of last season with a concussion. We’ll have all of that and much more coming up tomorrow at 6. But for now, reporting in Charlotte, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 Sports.”

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