NASCAR drivers and general managers react to the upcoming points change

CHARLOTTE — NASCAR fans wanted every single race on the schedule to matter, not just a big race here and there throughout the season. NASCAR heard you. On Monday they implemented sweeping points changes that will create greater stakes and more excitement throughout the season.

“Every race matters and winning is more important than ever.” “It’s exciting. I applaud NASCAR for making enhancements and always being willing to listen to the fans, listen to the stakeholders and find ways to improve.”NASCAR GMs

NASCAR fans don’t tend to like change. But drivers are asking fans to take a wait and see approach “Please, trust us, when you see this on the race track this is going to be the best racing you’ve ever seen. Had some of those races where you lead 300 something laps and you lose out in the last five laps and those really sting. But the opportunity to win both stages and the race and score a perfect race is really big.

“For all the folks that have been asking for us to get rid of the Chase for years, this is a great day for them.”

Rewarding regular season performance outside of just wins means more competitive racing throughout the year for playoff points, meaning an even better field of drivers battling at the end of the season

“Been in a situation where we had a really good regular season and had nothing to show for it when the Chase started. Wins are going to be more important. These are little, subtle adjustments that I think are good.”

“It certainly changes how you approach your race and your strategy and the set up of your car to look at how that stage can enhance your opportunity to get into the playoffs. Double file restarts and the playoff system changed the game, this I just taking it to that next level.

The media tour continues with some big names on tap, including the reigning champion Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch. We’ll have much more coming up tomorrow night at 6. But for now reporting in Charlotte, Kane O’Neill, news channel 11 sports.

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