‘Bathroom bill’ dies in Va. House subcomittee


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Members of the Virginia House General Laws subcommittee voted Thursday to stop a bill that would have created a North Carolina like “bathroom bill” prohibiting transgender people from using bathrooms of the gender they identify with in state buildings.

This is the second year in a row that such a bill has died.

Representatives from the group Progress Virginia made a statement about the subcommittee’s decision.

“Politicians in Richmond should not legislate hate and we’re so glad they agree with us. All this bill would do is discriminate against transgender people who go to work, pay taxes, raise families, and yes, use the bathroom, just like everyone else,” Progress Virginia Executive Director Anna Scholl said. “While this bill is failed for now, we will continue to be vigilant and fight this bill and others that would enshrine discrimination in our laws whenever they come up.”

The release also cited economic reasons for the bill’s failure.

According to the release, House Bill 2 in North Carolina has cost the state over $600 million in revenue and continues to lose revenue.

Equality Virginia also made a statement about the bill’s failure:



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