Scott County Sheriffs Office moves to new location

SCOTT COUNTY, VA (WJHL) – The Scott County Sheriffs office recently moved into its new home.

Sheriff John Puckett said the department has needed a new building for quite some time.

He said the old building that housed the department was in such bad shape that the county just didn’t want to use their resources to repair it.

Sheriff Puckett said, “The building was pretty much falling down where we were at. It needed a lot of repairs and it was a real old building and they didn’t want to redo it.”

A new building was built for the county administrators and their staff and the sheriff’s department inherited their old building.

He said the move was a good thing for the department because now they have more room and better conditions.

He said moving all of the equipment and office furniture is a big task and that it takes some time.

Video magistrate, the Avis fingerprint machine, things like that it takes a little longer, the breathalyzer. We can move our own selves and our own desk pretty quick, but some of it, you have to get permission to move it”, said Puckett.

He said having this new building gives offices the room they needed and that the new office is more secure.

Puckett added, “It’s better for us because it has a lot more room, the officers are together they have their own desks, their own table, and everything. All of the file cabinets. It’s a little bit more secure.”

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