New retail businesses coming to Greeneville

GREENEVILLE, TN (WJHL) – On Tuesday, the Greene County Commission voted unanimously to build a new shopping center in Greeneville.

Cherokee Investments has been contracted to purchase the property, which is located at the intersection of Highway 11E and Morgan Road.

According to Josiah Glafenhein, with Cherokee Investments, the development will include between five and six retail stores. He also said that they know which stores they will include in the shopping center, however that information is not being disclosed at this time.

The center is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the area, said Glafenhein.

“As a manager for a small business, I think it’s great the more we can get the community out in Greeneville shopping and spending their money on things to do; and providing jobs couldn’t be better,” Sandy Nienaber, with Catalyst Coffee Company, said.

People in the community said that they are thrilled for new shops to come to the area.

“Most of the time, I have to go to Johnson City for nicer stores. So, it will be nice to have them close,” Mollie Penley, said.

County officials said that the construction could begin any time.

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