58 charged in Scott County drug round-up

GATE CITY, VA (WJHL) – Officers with the Scott County Sheriff’s Department conducted a drug round-up on Wednesday morning.

Warrants were issued for a total of 58 people in two different states

The charges stem from the distribution of drugs by individuals in the county that included prescription painkillers, marijuana, LSD, methamphetamines, and cocaine.

Sheriff John Puckett said, “Ninety percent of what we deal with is at the sheriff’s office is drug related. It’s either domestic violence calls, it somebody stealing something for drugs. It’s somebody fighting. It’s somebody breaking into houses to get something to sell to pay for their habit.”

22 of those charged were from Tennessee and the other 36 were from Virginia.

“Our jails are full. We hope people will quit distributing the drugs, but it seems like it continuing to happen”, said Puckett.

Altogether those who included in the round-up faced a total of 174 charges.

Sheriff Puckett said that the majority of the problems that his office deals with are drug related in some way.

The sheriff said the drug round-up has taken a year to gather the evidence to charge those involved.

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