Sen. Lundberg hopes open container bill passes this year

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Tennessee Senator Jon Lundberg of Bristol, TN hopes his Open Container Bill, also known as the ‘Pass the Bottle Bill’ will have a better shot at passing in the General Assembly this year.

The bill, if passed, would prohibit an open container of alcohol in a car.c894cc2eb69a46018d996cf826a1a0cb

Lundberg hopes this bill will pass, not only for safety reasons, but also to help fund highway projects.

“I think it has an easier shot this year because, the Governor is talking about a gas tax and if we’re going to talk about a gas tax, we better squeeze every penny out everywhere else we can,” Lundberg said. “And I think most people at this point know that since we haven’t passed this legislation, we leave $9 to $14 million a year in funding on the table that we can use to build a road or fix a bridge.”

Lundberg introduced this bill 5 times in the Tennessee House and hopes he can get it passed in his new role as a senator.

He says passing this will give lawmakers the chance to spend money where the need is greatest.

Whether it’s in the Governor’s Highway Traffic Safety Program, or repairing roads or bridges.

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