15-year-old facing second cancer diagnosis after encouraging hundreds of other kids

(WJHL)- Back in 2014 we told you about the amazing 12-year-old girl finishing up treatments for leukemia who started a project to encourage hundreds of kids battling cancer. Megan Vess and her miniature horse would go to hospitals and hand out goodie bags, bringing smiles to each room.

She enjoyed a year and a half of no chemo, leading a regular life with friends, her horse, and her favorite hobbies.

But in December, at 15-years-old, much of her life once again had to be put on pause, when she got a diagnosis of stage four brain cancer.

“When the doctor came in and said it was stage four glioblastoma I knew that it was bad,” Megan’s mom Amber Vess said.

A brain cancer that may be unfamiliar to some, the Vess family knew well. “My husband lost his niece three years ago to the same cancer so I knew what we were dealing with, I knew what we were up against,” Amber Vess said.

She said when she heard a cancer diagnosis for the second time in her daughter’s life, “It was hard, it was hard just thinking about going through it all again is devastating.”

With thousands of things going through her mind, “The first thing is ‘am I going to lose my kid,'” Amber Vess said. A kid she says is pushing through, keeping her life as normal as possible.

“She’s just so strong in everything she does, she doesn’t like to be the center of attention, she doesn’t like to be pointed out as different ,so she just picks it up and goes,” Amber Vess said.

Thursday her family leaves for Memphis for seven weeks of radiation treatment. Her mom said with no answers or clear path, the main thing they are asking for is prayer.

“Just pray because the only one who I know can fix this is God,” Amber Vess said. “I know that I can call upon God and he’ll be there and that’s played a huge part in the comfort in knowing He’s the one in control and He can take care of her.”

And the new diagnosis hasn’t stopped Megan from giving, just days after brain surgery in December she went to the St. Jude Christmas party and handed out gifts to each child and their siblings.

“I just like seeing the little ones smile, it’s really fun to get to see that,” Megan Vess said.

Amber said with few options after radiation, they are looking in to some alternative treatments that insurance won’t cover.

To help with medical expenses the Owl’s Nest, a resale shop in Johnson City, has come up with a unique way you can give.

You can come in with clothes, or items you want to sell, tell them you want the money to go to Megan instead of back to you and the Owl’s Nest will give the money to the Vess family.

You can do this Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 113 Cherry Street in Johnson City.

If you’d like to donate you can call Amber Vess at 423.512.1146 or send donations to the Vess family at  P.O. Box 2293, Marion, NC 28752. If you want to follow Megan’s journey you can like her Facebook page here.

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