Greeneville Light and Power System general manager receives raise

GREENEVILLE, TN (WJHL) – The general manager of Greeneville Light and Power System is starting off 2017 with a 7% raise, which takes his annual salary to more than $213,000.

Bill Carroll confirmed to us the utility’s board increased his pay from around $95/hour to roughly $102/hour at a meeting last week.

Board Chairwoman Sarah Webster wasn’t at last week’s meeting, but she told us board members have approved a raise for Carroll just about every year he’s worked in Greeneville, including last year.

“It’s not unusual,” she said.

Webster says the board bases its decision on an annual Tennessee Valley Authority survey of power companies. Webster says most, but not all companies respond to the survey. She says using the information board members receive from TVA, the goal is to keep Carroll’s salary “Competitive for what he does in the size facility of what we have compared to others in the TVA system.”

“We look at where the other companies are in pay scales and each year we have tried to keep Bill in the scale, wherever he is in that survey in an attempt to keep him where he should be salary-wise according to the facility that we have,” she said.

The increase means the longtime general manager is now set to make almost $40,000 more than the head of the Johnson City Power Board. A JCPB spokesperson says CEO Jeff Dykes’ salary is $173,328. TVA says JCPB is its largest customer in the region with 76,766 customers compared to GLPS’ 38,053 customers.

Carroll still makes less than the longtime leader of Bristol Tennessee Essential Services, which TVA reports has roughly 5,000 fewer customers than GLPS. BTES Accounting and Finance Director Lola McVey says Dr. Mike Browder’s salary is $219,856.

Bristol Virginia Utilities CEO Don Bowman makes $154,500 annually, according to BVU Marketing Director Sharon Kyser. BVU has the smallest number of customers of the four, according to TVA.

Carroll’s raise comes just months after the board decided to increase customers’ access charge by 1% to help pay for the costs of power lines, meters, transformers and other customer expenses.

As we previously reported, the utility spent $7,500 on an employee appreciation party complete with alcohol, a deejay and more in March 2016.

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