Crews contain large fire at Sugar Mountain, NC ski lodge

Sugar Ski and Country Club (Source: WJHL)


SUGAR MOUNTAIN, NC (WJHL) – Crews are currently working on putting out the hot spots at Sugar Ski and Country Club on Sugar Mountain in western North Carolina.

A little before 7:00 a.m. this morning an employee discovered the fire inside the lodge’s clubhouse. The property’s owner told News Channel 11 the fire is under control and she believes the fire started in the office and gift shop area of the clubhouse.

The property manager told News Channel 11 on ABC Tri-Cities News at 9:00 a.m. that a maintenance employee saw the flames coming out of the front door of the clubhouse and quickly called 911.

“Newland,Banner Elk, Linville and all the area fire departments were quick to get here the fire is out and they have it contained. It pretty much looks like our clubhouse is a total loss. But, no one was injured and no one was there at the time,” property manager Hope Harvey told News Channel 11. “It’s just stuff. We’re blessed it was just the clubhouse. None of our condominiums or other buildings were affected. “

So far, no injuries have been reported.

No one was inside the building at the time of the fire. During the course of the fire, other nearby buildings were evacuated, but people have since been able to return.

We’re told two buildings were evacuated due to the winds picking up and a propane tank.

“We’re on top of Sugar Mountain at 5,000 feet elevation – the winds picked up. So for safety they evacuated two buildings – everybody’s been allowed back in the buildings now. So the residential units are fine. We just lost our clubhouse,” Harvey said.

None of the residential units or condos were impacted by the fire.

“The next move – well, we can still occupy our units and we’ll do a makeshift clubhouse and rebuild. It’s not the snowstorm I wanted for Christmas. I asked for a snow storm and I got a fire. We’ll obviously set up a makeshift and it will be business as usual before long,” the property manager told News Channel 11.

The fire happened at the most busiest time of the year for the resort.

“Christmas week is the single busiest time of the year right here at Sugar Ski and Country Club. Our condos are located on the ski slopes at the top of the Sugar Mountain. The residential units are fine — its just our clubhouse. So, we’ll get back up and running in no time,” said the property manager.

The property manager reiterates the Sugar Ski and Country Club is open for business.

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