Cars block Piney Flats Volunteer Fire Dept. Driveway Causing Delay

PINEY FLATS, TN- The Piney Flats Volunteer Fire Department is having delayed response times, due to people blocking their station’s driveway, according to staff. The driveway into the station is located on Industrial Park Road, which is one of the routes home for the thousands of people that work in Industrial Park.

“When people pull in they’re bumper to bumper and it backs up all the way around the curve as far as you can see and there’s just no where for people to go to move to let people in or out,” Captain JD Gregory, with the Piney Flats Volunteer Fire Department, explained.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol in order to resolve the problem a sign was placed in front of the driveway which reads, “Do not block intersection” and it is followed by a stop bar. Gregory said that regardless of the sign, people continue to block it. However, according to the THP it is illegal for people to block the driveway, which means they could face a fine.

Unfortunately, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office said that that particular intersection is difficult for their department to regulate and it is up to the public.

“”There might be that one day that we need to get out of here to go somewhere to help somebody and we can’t,” Gregory said.

The Piney Flats Volunteer Fire Department is asking those who drive along Industrial Park Road to be observant and avoid blocking the driveway, in order to allow them to keep the community safe.

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