First Tennessee Development District celebrates 50 years

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – The First Tennessee Development District held an open house Thursday to celebrate 50 years of making the eight counties in Tennessee they serve a better place to live.

Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey, who serves as the Chairman of the Board said, “The development district, since its inception, over $300 million of grant money have been pumped into these eight counties.”

The board of directors, which is made up of city and county leaders from across the region, meet with the organization regularly to discuss the needs of the municipalities they serve.

The organization does everything from writing grants to making contacts for those counties to receive the funds they need to improve their communities and help maintain the industry they have as well as bring in new business.

“Behind the scenes, the citizens need to realize that this group of mayors working with this professional staff is doing everything they can to improve the overall quality of life in our district.”

Recently, the organization helped Johnson County retain Park Dale Mills as an employer due to the efforts and contacts made by the organization.

“The efforts here, mayors working together with this professional staff, have been able to make a serious impact as far as economic growth is concerned”, said Humphrey.

The organization also helps maintain infrastructure such as water and sewer as well bring in community buildings throughout the area such as health departments.

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