Leclerc Foods to create 105 new jobs

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – Kingsport has been chosen for a business’s new headquarters and with that comes 105 new jobs.

Food and Beverage Company Leclerc Foods of Quebec, Canada has chosen the city and leaders said it’s because of the workforce and pro-business culture that Kingsport has to offer is the reason.

Clay Walker, who is the C.E.O. of Networks-Sullivan Partnership, says not only does this bring jobs to the area but the growth to the service industry.

“It helps to restaurants, it helps the gas stations, grocery stores, truck line companies and so many other support services”, said Walker.

Officials said no public funds were used but that there is a seven-year agreement that the company will pay 80 percent of the accessed property tax, also known as a payment in lieu of tax.

The current plant employs about 100 people already and the new location is just right across from where the plant is located.

The company is investing approximately $49 million in establishing the second facility.

The facility will include a new manufacturing line for granola bars, warehousing and distribution space as well as Leclerc Foods’ U.S. headquarters operations.

Work has already begun on the facility and officials say it should be complete by the middle of 2017.

This would be the company’s first US headquarters.

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