Johnson City man fears the worst after not hearing from father since Monday’s wildfires

Courtesy: WATE

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Many people are still searching for their loved ones after a wildfire in Sevier County, Tennessee.

One of the missing people, 85-year-old Revered Ed Taylor, is a man with ties to the Tri-Cities. His son, Eddie Taylor, lives in Johnson City.

Eddie Taylor said no one has heard from his father since Monday evening.

Revered Taylor started the marriage industry in Sevier County in 1978.

Eddie Taylor said his dad was a WWII Veteran and he performed more than 70,000 weddings over the years.

“Because of him that county has made millions and millions of dollars,” Eddie Taylor said.

He told News Channel 11 his father was very passionate about what he did and that he did it with kindness.

Eddie Taylor sent us pictures of his dad’s house after it was burned to ashes by the wildfire. He said he fears the worst.

“Help us get someone in there to identify him so we can go on with our lives,” he said. “We’re just stuck in limbo and we’re just totally distraught”.

Reverend Taylor’s poodle did survive. It was found earlier this week.

The Sevier County Mayor said crews are working to identify those who died in the fires before releasing any names.

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