What’s Working: Johnson City Schools helping families this Christmas


Every year Bonnie White and the Johnson City homeless school program make Christmas Merry for area school children

“Our program is looking for families. A lot of our families are new to th area haven’t been able to sign up for the Angel Tree or other

organizations in town.  We have everything right now from single moms with young babies to have families with five and six

children,” Said Bonnie White.

This year the program is looking for sponsors for over 100 families who are not involved with the other ppgorams in teh area.

” Not only do we want them to have presents and gifts we want them to have that sense of the Christmas spirit and love that we all

love to share with our families,” Said White.

Local school are also stepping up to make a Merry Christmas for families.  Christy Gambril at Mountain View elementary has

been creating wish students wish lilss for over 10 years.

“It’s a program for our students to possibly get sponsored for Christmas,” Said Christy Gambril.

Right now Gambril is trying to close the gap between the growing number of lists, and small number of sponsors.

“This year we had over 300 sign up and I only have 136 sponsors,” Said Gambril.

Two program with one common goal.  To make a Merry Christmas for area school children.

“Every year that I do this I have several families that tell me  this is the first time they’ve really celebrated Christmas,” Said White


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