This week’s Educator of the Week is Robin Whalen from Church Hill Elementary


Robin Whalen has been around education all her life.  Her mother worked as a deaf interpreter for the Hawkins County Schools and

her husband in an Athletic Director.  Seeing the impact she could have on young lives, she began teacher eight years ago.

Now she is at the head of the class, leading the next generation of students as the learn to love math and science

Her classroom is full of activities.  Games are at the center of her teaching philosophy.

She takes ideas that she has at home and brings them to classroom in hopes that students learn that math and science can be

fun and that it is everywhere

“I’ve taken games that we played as a family at home and said how can i do this in my classroom.  Not only do i wan tot do it in my

classroom but I’m telling my parents homework doesn’t have to be difficult it doesn’tt have to be boring, no pulling your hair

homework can be fun. Your kids know how to do it in my class. they know how to do it.  Then we even have workshops here where

parents can come in and learn how to play these games,  then they are like we play these games all the time,: Said Whalen  :

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