Powerful winds cause power outages, road closures in Greene County

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- After winds clocking in at 60 miles per hour in Greene County, school was canceled Tuesday and a shelter is open.

The power was out for many in Greene County Monday night. We talked with one family who said a tree hit their power transformer knocking out their power, they say they’re thankful the sparks did not start another fire.

Tuesday we found Helen Cutshaw and her grandson Nicholas picking up the pieces the wind left behind in their neighborhood.

“The wind just got really bad and the first thing that we noticed was a great big blue light through the curtains of the house and that was when the wind had taken part of a tree down onto a transformer so we started seeing sparks going everywhere,” Cutshaw said.

The powerful wind also picked up a 100-year-old barn just down from the Cutshaws’ home, dropped it in the roadway, and tore it to pieces.

But Cutshaw said once she realized no one was hurt the first thought she had was, “Thank you Lord you’re protecting us and then asking that He take care of everybody else,” Cutshaw said.

Cutshaw lives in Cedar Creek, one of the areas the winds hit hardest in Greene County.

“A lot of damage in the mountainous foothills, Cedar Creek, Camp Creek, Greystone, seem to be the worst hit areas,” Greene County Road Superintendent David Weems said.

Weems advises you to be careful if you are driving in those areas, because there may be trees down that crews haven’t discovered yet.

“We had approximately 30 roads that were blocked with trees some of those we had to clear multiple times like every two hours we have to go back and re-clear that road,” Weems said about Monday night.

More than a dozen workers were out all night cleaning up.

“What we did last night was just going to clear the trees, move them to the side of the road, get the road reopen, and we have two crews out today cleaning up brush, picking up trees, and I don’t expect to get them all cleaned up today. It’ll probably take the rest of the week,” Weems said.

“We’re just thankful that the light and power and the county all worked, they kept us all safe making sure that nothing around caught on fire, started anymore, cause all around us there are enough fires,” Cutshaw said.

She said though the power surge broke some of their appliances, she’s thankful.

“Material things can be replaced, lives can’t,” Cutshaw said.

Weems said as far as he knows, the winds did not damage any homes.

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