Richard Petty stops in Jonesborough, discusses Jimmie Johnson

JONESBOROUGH, TN- NASCAR fans in Northeast Tennessee were given quite a treat Monday evening, as “The King” Richard Petty, made a pit stop at Food City in Jonesborough.

Petty was at the Jonesborough location to show his appreciation after the store raised the most money during the Mission ABLE campaign for the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Petty is one of just three drivers to win seven NASCAR championships. Jimmie Johnson is the latest, winning his seventh title in November. The championship system and drivers have changed since Petty was behind the wheel, but says Johnson’s record tying win is good for the sport.

“Seven is seven, you know, could be eight,” said Petty. “He’s still a young guy, he’s still got a chance to do that. It’s been good for racing, being he’s been able to challenge that particular record. I did it with my crowd against the people I run against. Earnhardt didn’t run against the crowd I did, he run from a different crowd. Jimmie’s running under different circumstances, different rules with different people. The way the points system is, you’ve got to run real good all year long to get into the final four and then you just have to have good luck.”

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