Carter’s Valley Fire Chief’s home damaged by fire just days before Thanksgiving

HAWKINS COUNTY, TN (WJHL) –  A Fire Chief and his family are without a home after it caught fire on Tuesday.

A dining room table that should be filled with food and surrounded by family members on Thanksgiving is now covered in remnants of what’s left from the fire.

Brody Armstrong is the son of Carter’s Valley Fire Chief Terry Armstrong. He said when he came home on Tuesday he noticed something was wrong.

“I walked up on the front porch and our dog, we put it out before we left, she was making a weird bark. And I heard the smoke detectors going off,” Armstrong said. “Then I walked up the front door and I cracked it probably not even 2 foot and I slammed it back because I knew what was going to happen. All it needed was a little bit of oxygen and it would have been gone.”

Captain Frank Vaughn with the fire department says the fire started in the dryer and quickly spread through the upper level of the home.

“All of their personal belongings is a loss. I think they got a few things from the downstairs that they were able to salvage and use. But as far as their clothes and all that, everything was a total loss,” Captain Vaughn said.

Now Chief Armstrong, along with his wife and three kids, are having to stay elsewhere this holiday.

“It’s kind of hard on them, as well as it’s touched a lot of us here at the fire department. I mean you know we’re out here everyday helping everyone not thinking it’s going to come to us. A big majority of the members here at the fire department’s coming together to help them out,” Vaughn continued.

Brody Armstrong says this fire has put into perspective what to really be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“All that stuff can be replaced. After all it’s just a house. There wasn’t anybody home that’s the good thing,” he said.

Chief Armstrong and his family does have insurance that will help cover the damage.

But if you would like to help the Armstrong family, you can call Chief Vaughn at 423.361.2151.

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