Medonta road fire contained, other fires in the Tri-Cities region are being closely monitored

WASHINGTON COUNTY, VA (WJHL) – The largest spread wildfire in South West Virginia is fully contained and is no longer burning. Officials say they are still monitoring that fire off Mendota road in Washington county Virginia that spanned more than 700 acres.

Crews were there on scene last night and this morning. Kathy Sturgill lives near where the fire started. She says at one point her family felt as if there home and all of their belongs were going to be destroyed.

“It was pretty intense at first, it was very red and intense,” Kathy Sturgill said.

That was last week. Today, that fire is out and she is thankful that her family is safe.

“Thank goodness for the firefighters, they moved it to the other end and then finally got it out,” Sturgill said.

These are pictures Sturgill captured while the fire was still blazing. She says at one point her family feared they would lose their home and everything inside.

“We thought about getting out the water hoses and watering down the top of the house,” Sturgill said.

Chris Sullivan with the Virginia Department of Forestry says fire fighters will continue to monitor the Mendota road area, he cautions the public about burning now, while weather conditions remain dry.

“We are getting some low relative humidity and high winds and we still have an increased risk of wildfire,” Chris Sullivan said.

Over the weekend another wildfire started in Buchanan County. That fire spanned 80 acres. Wildfires continue to burn in Tennessee, one of the most recent  is on the Hawkins County, Hamblem County line.  Authorities believe this fire in East Tennessee is an arson fire.

“We burn nothing and i hope other people will follow in that also,” Sturgill said.

That is a big change Kathy says for a family that typically burns a lot of their trash. For now they are being cautious, paying close attention to burn ban warnings.

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