Arson suspected in 300+ acre fire on Hawkins-Hamblen county line

Courtesy of AP Graphics

HAWKINS COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- Officials with the Tennessee Division of Forestry said firefighters were on scene of a 380 acre fire at the Hawkins-Hamblen County line.

Joel Blackburn with the TN Division of Forestry said that fire first ignited Friday, a fire they believe was caused by arson.

The fire is located on the county line near what fire officials described as a lake and a Boy Scouts camp in Hawkins County.

Blackburn said on Sunday 12 firefighters were on scene and they even had a helicopter on standby if needed.

He said crews will most likely be out there for at least the next few days monitoring the flames as they are currently up against windy and dry conditions.

Blackburn said no homes were in danger because of the fire.

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