Shayna Painter from Ketron Elementary is this week’s Educator of the Week

Shayna Painter spent four years working at the boys and girls club. that’s when she decided her calling was to get a masters

degree and teach full time.


Now she’s a 5th grade teacher at Ketron Elementary in Sullivan County.  She’s beginning her ninth year at the school. She

teachers 5th grade reading and Social Studies.  In addition to her flexible seating and whole brain learning techniques. Painter

started making you tube videos last year to help her students learn and comprehend 20 vocabulary words each week.

“I try to film in random places so sometimes I’ll be in the basement some times I’ll be in the car. You never know where my

vocabulary video is going to be or who might be guest starring,” Said painter. Congratulations to Shayna Painter. This week’s

Educator of the Week. Kasey Marler News Channel 11. ABC Tri-Cities. .

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