Extension to Kingsport’s Greenbelt nearing completion

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – A new extension to Kingsport’s nine mile linear park known as the Greenbelt is almost complete.

Larry and Cynthia Mueller visit Kingsport’s Greenbelt often. But today, the Muellers and their three dogs walked where they never have before – a new extension to the linear park.

“It’s fabulous, the view is amazing,” they said. “We always kind of were bothered that it ended here. So we’re glad it’s going further now.”

The new section, located near Netherland Inn Road, was funded primarily through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Kingsport Parks and Recreation manager Kitty Frazier said it gives Greenbelt access to nearby neighborhoods.

“Prior to this people would have to get in their vehicles and drive to the Greenbelt in order to access the pathway itself, now they’ll be able to walk or ride their bicycle straight from their homes,” said Frazier.

Part of the extension also includes an old bridge, which used to be used for car traffic, but is now dedicated to pedestrians and bikers.

Bikers like Bradly Neal, who said taking the extension is a safer way for him to cross the North Fork of the Holston River and get to the Greenbelt.

Frazier said that’s one of the extension’s greatest impacts.

“Now they will have a beautiful access point along some elevated boardwalks, see the river and also be able to get there in a safe manner,” said Frazier.

With just a few things left to do, including landscaping and adding some hand rails, Frazier said the extension should be complete by the middle of December.

And while those final touch ups are happening, people like the Muellers can still enjoy the new piece to the Greenbelt puzzle.

The city also has plans to extend the east side of the Greenbelt. They expect to begin construction there in about two years.

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