Dry weather starting to effect agriculture

JOHNSON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Months of little rainfall are starting to have in effect on agriculture in the Tri-Cities region.

The Director of the University of Tennessee Extension Office in Johnson County, Rick Thomason told News Channel 11, in some places in the region the water table is 7 inches below where it should be which is causing problems for farmers.

Thomason said right now in Johnson County, pastures are drying out.

Thomason said he spoke with Christmas tree farmers near the North Carolina/Tennessee state line and found out needle quality has been affected.

According to Thomason, typically this is the time of year when Christmas trees are harvested but because conditions are so dry farmers are harvesting more trees earlier.

“The trees are cut early and then they have to last through Christmas and sits a long period of time and they could dry out in houses,” said Thomason.

Thomason said the other issue Johnson County and other counties face is less water sources.

“Some of our water sources are drying up, some of the ponds and some of the streams. So farmers are having to haul water from other areas,” said Thomason.

Thomason said the regions best hope for future crops is more rainfall and a lot of snow.




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