What’s Working: Katie the Reading Dog


3rd Grade Students at Lamar School are having a Doggone good time thanks to Katie the reading dog.

“I feel like the children enjoy getting to meet the dog, getting to read with the dog,” Said Owner Susan Burleson.

Katie and her owner, retired teacher Susan Burlesonv visit the school as part of UT’s HABIT  program, or (Human=Animal Bond in


“You can work in rest homes, there are people who go into schools into libraries, it’s a volunteer program,” Said Burleson.

The excitement begins when Katie enters the room

“She visits with the children and all the children are happy to see her and she’s just as excited to them,” Said Burleson.

Then it’s time to read

“I hope that they increase their love of reading and this is to hopefully improve their reading and it’s just another little something to

love in their life,” Said Burleson

Nine year old Katie has been coming ot Michelle Cradic’s 3rd grade class for 6 years. “They get to do something that is so

unique and stress free and they just love the opportunity  to sit down with her and have some fun and do some reading,” Said

Teacher Michelle Cradic.

A combinaton that will have these students, love and learning long into the future.  “You can see that there is a mutual love

between my dod and these children and that’s a very important part of life,” Said Burleson.

Kasey marler NC 11 In your corne.

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