Dozens protest presidential election in Abingdon

ABINGDON, VA (WJHL) – Across the country protesters have been taking to the streets responding to the presidential election.

News Channel 11 is following developments of a protest in Abingdon, VA Sunday evening where dozens of people on both sides of the political spectrum are voicing their opinions and concerns.

Emory & Henry College students and members of the community held a political demonstration expressing both concern and support with Tuesday’s election results.

Dozens hugged the corner of Main St. and Cummings St. chanting things like “love not hate” and “build bridges not walls”. Students said they’ve noticed a sense of fear in the community and they want to project love and acceptance following this week’s elections results.

“We just elected someone who’s openly, repeatedly, openly, I don’t want to say spewed but has stated hate speech at least in some form especially targeting Muslim Americans, Mexican Americans and women,” Jonathan Ross said.

Ross said although he doesn’t agree with people who voted for Donald Trump, they’re entitled to their own opinions. Emory & Henry College students also gathered on the other side of the street saying it’s time to accept the results and move forward and they’re not here to spread hate.

abingdon-2“In a non partisan way we’re trying to say no matter what your view of Donald Trump is, he’s going to be our next president, and we need to rally behind him and become a more united nation,” John Keller said.

Dozens of cars passed by during the protests with honks supporting both sides of the issue.

An Emory & Henry College employee at the protest told me it wasn’t an anti-trump rally and more about ways to move forward to know there is a safe community for political dialogue.

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