Dozens of Black Lives Matter supporters march through Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) –  The Tri-Cities Black Lives Matter organization and its supporters marched to Founders Park Saturday in solidarity with Bluff City resident, Carol Keith.

“Justice, we are still fighting for justice,” Keith said.

Keith said she was a pastor at Power of Faith Church for ten years but she suddenly had to close her doors.

“Due to racial harassment, intimidation, threats, stalking,” Keith said.

She said someone went into her church and wrote a racially charged message.

“Called the police for help, they were told to stay out of it and not to get involved,” Keith said.

Keith is demanding further action.

“We want an independent investigation, because it’s clearly there was racism, it’s clearly, there’s no doubt about it,” Keith said.

Rally participants also voiced concern about sewage issues in the city.

“Multiple apartments they own were destroyed with sewage and the city again blamed them,” a participant said.

Keith is happy to see she’s not in this alone.

“I’m so thankful, I’m thankful that they’re standing with us,” Keith said.

They’re not giving up until they feel justice is served. Keith said the next rally will have three times more people or more.

Keith said she recently hired an attorney and they’re offering a reward for information that can lead to an arrest.

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