Knoxville man charged after pick ax attack at community farm

Timothy Whitaker (Knox County Sheriff's Office)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A man was charged following an incident at a Knoxville non-profit community farm.

Timothy Whitaker was charged with aggravated assault. Knoxville Police Department said the incident happened Tuesday at 8:20 a.m. at Beardsley Community Farm, located at 1741 Reynolds Street.

According to Beardsley Community Farm’s website, Whitaker was a regular volunteer and urban agriculture assistant at the farm. Witnesses told police, Whitaker became agitated when confronted by his team leader, went into a shed and grabbed two pick axes used for gardening and began hitting things with them.

Whitaker then struck a woman with a pick ax and knocked her to the ground, according to the arrest report. Police said Assistant Urban Agriculture Director Adam Caraco tried to stop Whitaker, but Whitaker struck him in the head with a pick ax. Police said workers on the farm were finally able to hold him down until officers arrived.

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