Elizabethton City Council approves proposal for multi-million dollar improvements

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) –  Elizabethton City Council is giving the green light for renovations at the Elizabethton Twins’ Minor League Baseball Stadium.

Officials hope the project can attract both players and baseball lovers to the four decade old stadium.

The city is hoping the Minnesota Twins Major League Team can pay for one third of the estimated $3.2 million project.

elizabethton-2At Thursday’s council meeting, a task force of concerned citizens presented a detailed assessment of what they want to see done at the stadium. With that budget they are hoping for additional seating, corporate box seats, picnic areas and more as they strive to move the stadium in a different direction.

“For 43 years we’ve basically ran this program as a recreational service to our community so now we need to take it another direction see what we can do off the field with revenue producing advertising and basically ticket sales too,” Parks and Recreation Director, Mike Mains said.

That $3.2 million does not account for additional staff and they are hoping to raise ticket prices by only one dollar each.

The task force and the city are still trying to figure out exactly how this will get paid for, hoping to fundraise as well as get some private donations. City officials are unsure how this will effect property taxes.

They hope to start negotiations with the Minnesota Twins as early as tomorrow.

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