Unicoi County considering running own ambulance service

UNICOI COUNTY (WJHL) – Unicoi County is considering running its own ambulance service.

Monday afternoon a committee heard the results of a feasibility study, which indicated start-up costs will range between $2 million and $2.5 million.

The ambulance task force also decided to craft a letter to the CEO of Medic One ambulance services. That’s the company the county currently uses.

“We just want him to come in, I think that was the gist of what I could tell the consensus was for him to come in and talk to us about what these people conceive as problems and perceive as problems,” said Unicoi County mayor Greg Lynch. “We’ll first just talk about currently to protect our citizens. And then we’ll talk about if we do a transition, and what part will he play if any in a transition and then we’ll have to just make up our mind as to what we want to do.”

Lynch said the committee plans to give the CEO 10 days to schedule a meeting. They want to meet within 30 days after that.

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